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como advanced™ 3.5L Brazier

All purpose, from pot roasts to pasta, our #1 saucepan
AUD $190.00

36cm Wok

Extra-large, great for cooking basically anything!
AUD $199.00

7L Pressure Cooker

Fast food made healthy
AUD $245.00

como advanced™ 28cm Sauté Pan

The pan that never leaves the stove top
AUD $245.00

Kitchen Starter Pack

Start your cooking adventure instantly
AUD $299.00

como advanced™ 24cm Sauté Pan

Just like our Big Sister Sauté Pan just lighter! Perfect for 2, or side dishes!
AUD $199.00

Chefs Grill

Bring the BBQ inside!
AUD $199.00

Como Advanced 20cm Frypan

Create perfect side dishes, desserts or cook for one
AUD $110.00

Como Advanced 30cm Frypan

Cook large quantities of delicious food
AUD $155.00

Kitchen Companion Pack

Cook healthier food for your family.
AUD $345.00

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