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Silicone Mixing Bowls (Set of 2)

Flexible bowls with sturdy bottoms in two ideal sizes
AUD $50.00


Europe’s favourite cake in flexible non-stick silicone
AUD $40.00

Roasting Tray

Higher sides ensures this is the most versatile tray in your oven collection
AUD $55.00

Slice Pan

From slices, cakes and pasta bakes, the baking all-rounder
AUD $40.00

Cupcake Decorating Toolbox

Make, bake and decorate your own cupcakes!
AUD $99.00

Loaf Pan

Bake the perfect loaf without oil, butter or fiddly baking paper
AUD $40.00

Round Cake Pan

Classic pan for simple sponges to delicious tortes
AUD $40.00

Healthy Roasting Set

Set includes: New design 22cm Silicone Tongs, Roasting Tray and Health Mat
AUD $80.00

1-Cup Muffin - Set of 6

Meal-sized treats, from muffins to puddings
AUD $40.00

Baking Sheet

Makes all your trays non-stick and washing up a breeze
AUD $25.00

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