My Story

Welcome to my Chefs Toolbox shopping site. My goal is to offer you amazing prices on one of the best ranges of cookware on the market today.

I joined The Chefs Toolbox as I love the idea of working for myself and choosing my own hours. On top of that I get to work with fabulous people using products I just love. They make it so easy to cook awesome meals. If I can do it, anyone can!

My favourite part of doing a Cooking Party is the fun of having a bunch of lovely people all together, having a great time and learning new recipes. Best of all, I get Paid to Party!

Call me or email me to chat about any of The Chefs Toolbox products or recipes; or if you’re interested in becoming a Consultant or hosting one of our exciting Cooking Parties at your place. I would love to share with you how great these products and this business are. Happy Cooking Daniel. 0428627926

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