Milk Frother, Dallfoll Handheld Coffee Frother Electric Whisk,3 Gear Adjustable USB Rechargeable Drink Mixer Milk Foamer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Bulletproof Coffee

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Brand Dallfoll
Special feature Rechargeable
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel,Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Product dimensions 5.1W x 25.4H centimetres

  • No Standalone lithium batteries are sold with the product!【High Quality Milk Frother】The detachable whisking head is made of food grade premium stainless steel. The frother wand is made of food grade ABS with easy and comfortable grip.
  • 【Professional Kitchen & Barista Tool】There are 2 replaceable versatile whisks available. Choose the spring whisking head to make the milk foam for your morning and afternoon coffee. And the balloon whisking head helps you beat eggs and fluffy whipped cream.
  • 【Easy to Use And Clean】Just long press the power button to turn on/off the milk frother and then short press the power button to adjust the speed. The whisk will create rich and fantastic foam within 30 seconds. It’s time to enjoy your fancy coffee at home! Besides, it is very easy to clean. Just put it under the water and it will become clean quickly.
  • 【3 Speeds Adjustable Coffee Frother】Press the on/off switch to make the coffee frother work with blue light. Continue to press the on/off button, the speed will switch between low speed, medium speed and high speed. You can choose different speeds to achieve ideal frother effect. Note: please use it in a tall bottle or deeper container to avoid splattered coffee or milk because of frother’s strong motor!
  • 【Buy with Confidence】You will get: 1x Frother Wand, 1x Spring Whisking Head, 1x Ballon Whisking Head, 1x User Manual. If there are ever any issues about the product, please do free to contact us and we will give you a free replacement or full refund.

Product Description

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Dallfoll Portable Milk/Coffee Mixer Can Be Used For Many Purposes Other Than Just Frothing Milk

Great Kitchen Tool: It is a great kitchen small appliances to have in the kitchen as it can be used for mixing milkshakes, matcha tea, bulletproof coffee, protein powders, cocktails, fruit drinks, eggs, dressing etc. With this powerful milk foamer, the frother will leave the foam smooth and clump-free, for the most enjoyable drinking experience. This frother works for all milks, including soy, almond and coconut, as well as whipped cream.

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Dallfoll Handheld Milk Frother

You can mix hot chocolate, matcha tea, bulletproof coffee, protein powders, chai tea, whipping egg whites, mixing green powders. This milk frother also can work with soy, almond or coconut milks and creamers.

Beautiful,Smooth,Rich Milk Foam

Make wonderful lattes for your family and yourself

Treat yourself with a made-at-home latte or cappuccino any morning right in your own kitchen.

  • Dallfoll milk frother is a rechargable operated milk foamer machine,No need to buy batteries,saving money.
  • Great Design: The stainless steel latte maker is designed for comfort and style. It will blend right in with any modern kitchen.
  • Create thick and creamy foam for your homemade drinks

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Weight 204 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm




Product dimensions

‎25.4 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm; 204 Grams


‎1200 milliamp_hours


‎5 Volts


‎Stainless Steel,Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Auto shut-off


Number of Speeds


Special Features


Item Weight

‎204 g



Date First Available

12 May 2019



10 reviews for Milk Frother, Dallfoll Handheld Coffee Frother Electric Whisk,3 Gear Adjustable USB Rechargeable Drink Mixer Milk Foamer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Bulletproof Coffee

  1. Michael Clarke

     Wanted a milk froth solution for when I go Car camping. I use either an Aero Press for quick car based coffee or a Bialatti Moko Pot if I’ve set up a Base Camp with Camper Trailer. So far, I’ve just added the milk/soy from the carton, but I thought I would explore frothing options.At home, I’ve used either the wand on the coffee machine, or a separate Kmart/Aldi milk frother, or a French press to froth the milk or soy/almond whatever is being used.Got this a couple of day ago, after looking at all the options, small hand whisker/frother/French press and other rechargeble whisks, settled on this Dallfoll unit.Charged it up and used it yesterday to do a simple froth just in the mug, and it worked fine, got a nice silky texture, and then just added the coffee/espresso direct into the milk. I know this is not the preferred way, or how you get your coffee from a Barista.I’ve explored all the enthusiast YouTube, watched lots of James Hofmann and bought all the accessories, scale, needle stirer, various tampers, baskets etc even a mini digital scale. In the end, I’ve settled on a simple, quick way to make an reasonable espresso coffee using a fresh grind each time. It works for me.First time trying a mini electric whisk and I am very impressed with the result. It’s not perfect, it’s not a nice looking froth, but for me, it tastes fine and I’m happy with it.I didn’t bother whisking in a separate jug, just warmed the milk in the mug in the microwave, whisked it, and then extracted a nice fresh ground coffee into the milk (soy) froth. And a warm croissant, nice way to start an easy Sat morning at home. And I’ll be able to re-creat this car camping as I have a small Travel Buddy Oven in the back which is great for warming/-re-heating.This will be great for car camping, I might even get a second one for home.Pictures should give you an idea, with practice I’ll get a nicer froth – did it one handed for the slo-mo, but would have tipped the mug otherwise.Hope this helps anyone considering a mini whisk frother.PS. I also tried the egg whisk this morning, just simple, cracked an egg in a cup, whisked it up, poured in the pan and got lovely scrambled egg for my toast.

  2. hmureau

    Works a treat! Very powerful. Rarely needs recharging. Very happy little camper 🙂

  3. Catherine

    Item as described and easy to use, froths milk well

  4. Sam

    I bought this to froth up milk for iced coffees. It works well. It wad charged already when I opened it and it lasted 2 weeks before the speed started to reduce, and i use it daily. I really like the 3 speed option. Only downfall is that it’s not dishwasher friendly as pet instructions.

  5. Joel O’Brien


  6. TTY

    Really good – handles easily mixing butter in coffee, or mixing egg yolk and butter (with hot water) for a pure carnivore drink 🥩💪 I ordered my second one so I will always have one in my bag when I’m out traveling or hiking. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  7. Mr. Kevin Coleman

    I have to agree on what some have already said. 😬 This device isn’t really quality & is rather poorly made. 😟Early days, but like others my first try in a large coffee mug that was about only a third filled the liquid went everywhere. 😒I’m sure once understood it will improve, the wire wisk I feel needs to be angled at around 45 degrees. 👍The three speed option isn’t good, the one button works as incremental at each press, so you never know what speed it will be at – pretty poor design. 👀Anyway it was cheap & may have a use but I wouldn’t recommend it. 😕

  8. Ch

    Absolutely love this frother. This is the first electric handheld frother i have tried and I can’t go back to pre-frother life. The three speeds are perfect. Rarely use the highest speed but it will be great for iced coffees or where you want to froth to a very thick consistency. Stays charged for ages.. need to charge it every 3 weeks or so after moderate use everyday. I even use it with instant coffee. Just add a bit of milk to instant coffee.. froth it up and pour over hot water…

  9. Kathy Silke

    This powerful little kitchen device delivers!
    Well, I’ll add to the reviews about this frother being a little powerhouse…it most definitely is! I’ve had it for three days and have made one of those fancy coffees that are all the Instagram rage, and this made it a lot of fun to make.This frother creates more of a light, airy froth rather than a silky one (I have an electric Nespresso that does this trick), so I like that now I have both options, because morning coffee is the most important beverage of the day, after all.But the little egg whisk? WOW. My omelet this morning was so light and fluffy, it was amazing. A regular whisk does not deliver the way this Dallfoll device does. Really impressive.NOTE: I’ve taken to frothing/whipping over the sink because of its power, AND because the On button is VERY sensitive to touch. You will turn the thing on without realizing, and decorate your kitchen with whatever you’re whipping up. Another must is a deep vessel in which to froth/whip. This will contain the mess.If it’s power in the kitchen you want, this is it. I plan to have a lot more fun with it.

  10. Foot Doc

    My favorite motorized Whisk
    The Best (or at least of these powered whisks)!Here’s the deal: Learn the button lights – press once – three lights; press again 2 lights and another time, 1 light. So, if you’re whisking a cup of coffee and you don’t know what speed is going into your coffee – you could be changing your shirt within a second! I press the button until it hits three lights, so then I know the next press will be a slow, 1 light speed. I then, put the whisk in my drink and press – and it’s on a slow 1 light speed and I don’t get shot with coffee, tea or whatever.Power is great!Recharging is easy and not often – lasts a good bit. Easy to clean. my favorite whisk!

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