Nordic Ware Platinum Cozy Village Baking Pan, Silver

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Material Aluminium
Brand Nordic Ware
Colour Silver
Shape Round
Special feature Nonstick

  • Make fun miniature (edible) villages
  • Nonstick coating is easy to cook with an easy to clean
  • Heavy cast aluminum construction
  • Fun wintery design
  • Made in the USA
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From the manufacturer

How It’s Made

Our beloved Bundts are produced with lots of hand touch and care, ensuring that they will last for a lifetime. We’ve perfected this process over the past seven decades–there is a lot of science behind created the best Bundts on earth! At the die casting facility, molten aluminum at temperatures of over 1200 degrees F is ladled into a chamber where an arm rapidly pushes the liquid aluminum into the die (mold). This takes place in a fraction of a second, and the aluminum solidifies as it hits the cooler mold. The two halves of the mold open up, releasing a very hot but solid aluminum Bundt pan.

The pans have razor sharp ‘flash’, or left over aluminum, that is protruding from the perimeter of each pan. The flash is trimmed to a rough perimeter before the pans are sent to our main processing facility. There, they undergo a series of secondary finishing processes, including vibratory deburring in a chamber of ceramic pebble, shot blasting with stainless media to ‘roughen’ the parts, and a perimeter routing in a CNC machine to smooth the edges and trim out handles. Next, they are thoroughly washed, and then sent to coatings to be sprayed and cured with PFOA-free premium nonstick. By the time a Bundt pan has left our factory, it has been touched by nearly two dozen sets of hands, ensure that you’re receiving the best Bundt pan in the world.

Our Story

Nordic Ware was founded in 1946 by a determined wife, Dotty, and her resourceful husband Dave, newly back from the second world war. With only $500 in their pockets, a few good ideas and a desire to create a business of their own, a humble kitchenware company was launched from the basement of their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the beginning, Nordic Ware’s product line was only a handful of items, all of which were specialty Scandinavian ethnic cookware products. But times have changed! 70 years later with a good measure of perseverance added, Nordic Ware is still proudly manufacturing the vast majority of its products in Minneapolis. We’re proud to say that we’re still family-owned and operated, with three generations involved in our business, and each year we add innovative items to our expansive kitchenware line.

70 Years of Innovation

With wife Dotty at his side, Dave Dalquist returned from WWII to start a business. From humble beginnings in a basement, Nordic Ware has become an internationally distributed kitchenware brand with a variety of product lines, hundreds of products and millions of fans!

Still a family owned and operated in the US, the company is honored to occupy a place in the new Food History exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Last fall, Nordic Ware was chosen for the prestigious 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Award for Sustainability, which firms we work hard to minimize our environmental footprint. Our company moves into 2016 poised for the future, with last year setting an all-time record in sales volume and production efficiency.

Weight 703 kg
Item Weight

‎703 Grams

Finish types


Care instructions

‎Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher compatible


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Number of pieces


Type of guarantee

‎lifetime limited warranty

Batteries Required?


Included Components

‎1 x Nordic Ware Cozy Village Cake Pan



Date First Available

13 November 2017


Nordic Ware

6 reviews for Nordic Ware Platinum Cozy Village Baking Pan, Silver

  1. Helena Muster

    I’ve been using Nordic bakeware since the 70’s and they are still in perfect condition as when I bought them. The detail is so sharp when they come out of the tin that everyone always compliments me on how wonderful they look. I have collected many over the years and just love them. Cant buy any other tins now that I’ve used these.

  2. jjm

    Nordic Ware Cozy Village Gingerbread House, 6 Cups, Silver
    Used it immediately did an excellent job in baking. A little difficult cleaning but satisfied with the result

  3. apickrell

    Better than cardboard gingerbread
    I love this company. They make durable baking pans that last. Seriously, this pan had some weight to it! It also made the cutest little houses. I bought it to make gingerbread houses with my kids instead of buying those awful cardboard tasting house kits from the stores. You can actually eat these houses after you decorate!Some tips:As with any of their bundt pans, you must thoroughly spray it so the cake will come out. Buy the oil+flour baking spray and give it a good coating before you pour in the batter. Then you will need to get rid of air bubbles by gently tapping the filled pan on a hard surface and stirring each house with a skewer. Your houses should come out easily and with all the cute details. Check to see if your cakes are done using a wooden skewer and not a toothpick, you want to be able to reach the middle to make sure it’s fully baked.

  4. Felicia Filsdotter

    tiny gingerbread houses
    I made two batches of these for tomorrow’s family Christmas, so I’ll share what works while it’s fresh in my mind. I sprayed each compartment with Pam and dusted with flour. I used Trader Joe’s gingerbread mix, filled to line (where the “ground” would be for each house). I cooked according to TJ package directions, 350 degrees for 25 min. (checked by inserting toothpick at 20 min and ready at 25 min.) Cooled for ten minutes, then used bread knife to slowly, gently, saw off muffin tops. (I could probably have avoided this by putting less dough in each compartment, but I loved eating those tops 🙂 Then turned over onto a silicone cutting mat and and — whew — all came out well. After they were really cooled, I dusted them with powdered sugar, which made a BIG difference in the appearance. (But don’t do that while still warm or it just globs.) Re proportions, I used three packages of mix for two batches, but that included a LOT of BIG muffin tops; might be able to go one for one. Re cleaning, I put the pan back into the oven with water filling each compartment; after water started boiling, I emptied the pan, and not much scrubbing was needed. Used the water sprayer and a toothpick for a few little floury bits stuck at the bottom. So…they taste good and turned out well. VERY important thing to know is that they are TINY. I imagined that we would each decorate our house tomorrow, but that may not happen. One would need teeny tiny candies; I’m guessing that a couple of M&Ms on each side of the roof is about all we’ll be able to do. So if you really want a gingerbread house to decorate, you need something bigger, but these are cute and yummy individual treats.Follow-up: we DID actually decorate the houses (my niece brought tiny candies) and adults and kids alike really loved it. I’m making it a new Christmas tradition.

  5. Gaby

    Surprisingly easy, even without proper baking spray
    I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my cakes out since I didn’t have bakers spray on hand, but I was surprised by how well these turned out so easily! If you don’t have bakers spray, use a regular cooking spray oil and then sift plain granulated sugar over the oiled molds- came out beautifully caramelized and detailed (as you can see from my photos). Looking forward to making something more festive next time- I had just made a summer squash bread to try it out, but gingerbread or something dense and chocolatey, with a sprinkle of powdered sugar decoration, will probably look gorgeous without much of effort!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Use lots of the nonstick spray for baking
    This cake pan is great quality and baked the upsides evenly. We made an entire Christmas village for the teachers at my children’s school. A few days later I lent it to a coworker hosting her first Christmas dinner that included 13 nieces and nephews so she could bake the houses and then let them decorate them as an activity.

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