Sunbeam EM0440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, 25 Grind Settings, Direct to Handle Grinding, 250g Bean Hopper, for Espresso, Filter, Turkish Coffee and More, Grey/White

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Colour Grey/White
Brand Sunbeam
Material Plastic
Style Fresh
Item weight 2.4 Kilograms

  • Grind only the coffee you need, because fresh is always best to ensure a great tasting espresso
  • Durable conical burrs retain the quality of the coffee and deliver a consistent, even grind
  • Enables complete control of the coffee particle size to achieve a perfect espresso extraction
  • Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Enjoy delicious espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, filter coffee, plunger coffee, Turkish coffee and more with the Sunbeam GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. This powerful electric coffee grinder features an Italian conical burr design that ensures grind consistency and minimises heat transfer to maintain the true flavours and aromas of the coffee beans. 25 grind settings produce a range of ground sizes to suit different coffee styles, as well as your personal tastes, while direct to handle grinding allows you to accurately judge how much ground coffee you need, so you’re always getting the freshest results.

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 30.9 × 17.9 × 28.6 cm


Model Number




Product dimensions

‎30.9 x 17.9 x 28.6 cm; 2.4 Kilograms


‎0.25 Kilograms



Item Weight

‎2.4 kg



Date First Available

1 September 2017



8 reviews for Sunbeam EM0440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, 25 Grind Settings, Direct to Handle Grinding, 250g Bean Hopper, for Espresso, Filter, Turkish Coffee and More, Grey/White

  1. Stephen Rice

    When I had initially tested the grinder, it worked well. After testing it I practised removing the BURR and replacing it, then I stored it in the caravan for using while travelling or when staying at our beach cottage.Upon grinding some beans a few weeks later, the grind was far too coarse even on the FINE setting. I had forgotten that it HAD worked properly earlier. I put up with it for a couple of brews before giving a poor review.I then remember that it HAD worked initially, so with the setting on FINE, I pressed and held down the UNLOCK button at the back of the grinder and rotated the setting past COARSE as far as it would rotate ANTI-CLOCKWISE.I noticed that the button locked down until the vertical markers aligned (see photo)I needed to press the button to start rotating CLOCKWISE but could release it soon after and it stayed LOCKED until it passed the COARSE setting.I then tested the grind on the FINE setting. It worked exactly as it should:Easy to use, value for money and producing a full-favoured brew.I’m very happy now.

  2. savage

    I have read a bunch of reviews and rating for this grinder as well as watched several Youtube videos. Most complain about it clogging up with ground coffee as it grinds. Well it can, but it doesn’t have to. A simple spray of water either when putting small amounts of beans in the hopper until you fill it, or forgetting to do it a bit at a time (like me) and having to get a pastry brush, dip it in water and stir it through the beans a few times wetting each time you stir it through.The addition of water stops, almost completely, the static charge imparted onto the ground coffee by the grinding process which makes it stick together.I use it for French press coffee so a fairly course grind (level 20), but from what I have experimented with, it make a fine enough grind for espresso (level 1).

  3. Serge

    Nice unit easy to use. The lack of star is because it didn’t hold the group head for you, it’s very messy… Spits grind out the sides even when using the little peinus funnel and it’s very very loud. It will wake people up in the house.

  4. Shaun _McAtamney

    I like this product. Small, but larger grinders don’t go as fine as this does. Very handy.

  5. Aman

    Value for money … my mum love it 😀

  6. AW

    After being incredibly impressed with the “bang for your buck” Sunbeam Mini Barista I decided to buy this grinder.Unfortunately this does not hold up to the same quality. Whilst it appears to be well built, it does not perform well. It makes a ridiculous mess if you use the group head, which is the reason I purchased this. Once you get close to a proper fill it starts spraying ground everywhere and makes a huge mess. Additionally you have to shake the entire machine to get the remaining ground out of the spout that gets stuck every time.The time saved by using this is completely negated by the time wasted cleaning afterwards.

  7. Helen Francis

    We are very happy with the grinder and I like the variation in grind that is available (from very fine to coarse). There is a little mucking around to clean it, but this only needs to be done once every 3 weeks and is not overly complicated. All in all, we are very satisfied.


    It is a small device, but for my need to grind coffee beans, it served perfectly. It is quite powerful and manages to grind the grains into a very fine or coarse powder, depending on how you like it, but this surprised me.

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