Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit: Starter Set with Reusable Glass Fermenter, Equipment, Ingredients – Perfect for Making Craft Hard Cider at Home GKCDR One EA

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  • The Hard Cider Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes fermenting hard cider at home simple and fun. Makes 3 batches of hard cider with easy-to-follow videos and instructions.
  • Created by published beer authors, our award-winning kits are made in America and designed to be fermented in any kitchen big or small.
  • Kit includes: 1 gallon reusable glass fermenter, 3 packets yeast, vinyl tubing & clamp, racking cane & tip, chambered airlock, 3 packets cleanser, and screw-cap stopper. Just needs: apple cider/juice
  • We’re well-trusted! We’ve been featured in numerous magazines including The New York Times, Nylon, Food & Wine, Glamour, Thrillist, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Time Out and Martha Stewart. From ultimate gift guides for your BFF, Dad and Mom, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and beer geek to Father’s Day must-haves and holiday hits the press agrees that our Beer and Cider Making kits are perfect for everyone.
  • Makes 3 batches of 7% Alcohol-by-Volume hard cider (9-10 12-oz bottles). Tart, bubbly and dry this is the easiest (and tastiest) hard cider you’ll ever make.
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Our Hard Cider Kit makes brewing as easy as (apple) pie (and tastes like it too!) Apples, yeast and honey are all you need to make hard apple cider. The kit includes all the essential equipment for 3 batches of harvest bubbly. You can even bypass the apple juicing yourself for pre-pressed cider from your favorite farmers’ market. Simply add a few packets of yeast to your fresh squeezed apples (or pre-pressed cider) and let science work its magic. After two weeks add three tablespoons of honey to your fermented juice to give the cider the extra dose of sugar it needs to carbonate. A couple weeks later and you’ll be sipping delightfully fizzy Hard Cider by the fire.

Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 19.05 × 22.86 × 30.48 cm

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‎19.05 x 22.86 x 30.48 cm; 1.72 Kilograms



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‎1.72 kg



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21 November 2014


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5 reviews for Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit: Starter Set with Reusable Glass Fermenter, Equipment, Ingredients – Perfect for Making Craft Hard Cider at Home GKCDR One EA

  1. Cameron Elo

    OK for beginners
    The price was what caught my eye. I was really interested in home brewing and didn’t want to invest a ton before I started. It came with enough supplies to make 3 batches and I’m currently on batch #2! My only issue was the instructions, the instructions are on their website and they are not very clear. I spent a lot of time on Google and Reddit to verify info and see if I was missing anything. I will also add that the tubing and cane to siphon the cider from one container to the next is very tricky and am looking into a different tool for my next batch. Overall I still think it’s a great product, could just use a little tweaking.

  2. RCM

    Easy and delicious
    This kit gives you enough yeast to make 2 growler sizes ( buying 1 gallon of normal apple juice/cider for less than $5 at grocery store) 3 times. That is a lot cheaper than buying that much regular hard cider from a liquor/grocery store so it’s worth a try.Made my first batch was made using a store bought apple cider per directions on website. Easy and delicious. It is some work but after doing 3 consecutive batches each one a week apart, we are drinking hard cider every week for over half the price of a 6 pack of (insert brand name here) alcoholic cider.Active yeast refills bought here on Amazon are cheap along with a bottle of the “Star San Sanitizer” (liquid version of what comes in kit).(side note-I found swing top growler bottles from a discount store to use in bottling for $3 each.)

  3. Mat

    Great starter kit.
    Everything you need to get started making a hard cider apart from Apple juice is included. The instructions are online so are not in the kit but they are simple to follow.I purchased some extra sterilisation powder because I had to clean the bucket, press and anything else needed while making then juice.I have completed two batches of Cider. Only tried the first one and I was very impressed. Clear, Nicely fizzy, fairly strong ALC as cider should be.

  4. wcherry

    It’s okay
    I thought this would be fun for me and the hubby to try new things. Like everyone else the instructions are less than stellar and we are intelligent people. We managed and got everything going.As you can see we were on the right track but right after this cycle it went dead. Not sure what we did wrong but I don’t plan on playing with this anytime soon.Honestly save your money and do something else.

  5. Jessica

    Simple way to start brewing your own cider
    I did a lot of research prior to buying this and I will say, it was a worthwhile purchase. All I ended up buying from a local brew store was a rubber stopper because I preferred it to the screw on top they provide and some swing top bottles. I used organic apple juice for round one. I do suggest waiting a little longer than 2 weeks before bottling as I ended up with extra sediment in the bottles, but it was a good, simple cider. I’m glad I purchased this kit.

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