FastRack Stopper/Airlock 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter/Jug, Clear

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Colour Clear
Material Glass
Brand FastRack
Shape JUG
Is dishwasher safe No

  • Great for fermenting small batched of beer or wine
  • Includes #6 drilled rubber stopper and airlock
  • 1 gallon glass wine fermenter
  • Package Dimensions : 19.05″ L x 19.56″ W x 30.48″ H
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Stopper/Airlock 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter/Jug

Care instructions

‎Hand Wash

Dishwasher compatible


Assembly required


Number of pieces


Batteries Required?


Included Components

‎Rubber Bung, Airlock, Glass Jug



Date First Available

5 September 2014



8 reviews for FastRack Stopper/Airlock 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter/Jug, Clear

  1. Michael M

    Shipped with broken parts

  2. nicholas

    the moment I open up the airlock made of plastic crack can I have an exchange of new airlock cap ?

  3. Chuck Manning

    Wonderful – cork isn’t he same colour and a little small but still works

  4. Martha Eugenia Chamoza Benites

    Tal y como me lo imaginé y entrega muy rápida

  5. Samtastik

    nearly 4 years of use and still going strong!
    I purchased 6 these of these back in March of 2017 for my sister and I to try our hand at making mead. They have been absolutely awesome. We have used them all 4 times now.- The jugs are sturdy, very thick glass. We haven’t been the gentlest when setting them down on the concrete floor of the basement, and thankfully none have cracked or shattered. I would still say it wouldn’t be the best idea to smash them about, I’m just saying the accidental hard setting down or bumping them into each other hasn’t broken them.- The next thing I would like to mention is that the stoppers are still good as new on them and haven’t cracked or hardened, or torn. I know that this rubber can become hard and crumble over time, so the fact that this is still looking good after 4 years is pretty nice.- luckiest of all, none of the airlocks have broken. I’ve seen people mentioning that they have cracked theirs, but the airlocks on the jugs I have are still going strong. Again I would still reccomend that you not manhandle the things purposely, but regular use seems to have been fine on them.- Lastly, my only gripe is the unavoidable difficulty of cleaning these types of bottles. Obviously the bottles are glass and have necks that are skinny, so the gunk or film that might form and stick to the inside of the bottle can be a tad difficult to clean out. (Think 8 month old apple goo chillin there getting real slimy and clinging to the sides or bottom when you want to filter out the wine haha) SO when you buy these also buy yourself a long handled scrubber/sponge wand thing to help you get in there and clean the jugs out really good. (because you can’t really spray waster down into them all that well without making a HUGE mess. Trust me I know)

  6. Arthur

    Airlock arrived cracked.
    The inner part of the airlock was cracked. The outside was fine, so it must have been sent broke.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Worked fantastic for first brew
    Good thick glass and a tight fitting bung make this a fine fermentation vessel. I used it to brew a cider and never had any issue with the stopper leaking and the bottle arrived to me without a scratch. Cheaper than my local brewing store as well!

  8. Deanna Taylor

    It’s a bottle
    It’s a bottle. Kinda hard to mess that one up…

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